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Web platform and mobile App for vehicle tracking


  • Equipment with AI - Artificial Intelligence with DSM and ADAS systems *

  • Canbus equipment for reading variables directly from the vehicle's computer

  • Location:By addresson and coordinates, forseconds

  • Historical tours, up to 1 year ago

  • Mileage and Engine Hours

  • Fuel consumption and levels

  • Driver Identification and Driving Assessment

  • Trailer Identification

  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors

  • Alert and notification configuration.



System Features and Benefits


Maps in digital cartography from Google Maps (Street, Satellite, Hybrid and Open Street) and others where the Streets and Avenues are located, duly identified with addresses.

Productivity Increase

It facilitates the planning and assignment of routes or jobs, the control of loading and unloading times, in order to carry out more jobs more efficiently, faster and better.

Geo-fencing and POI

Easy demarcation of Geo-fences (circular, polygonal or routes) and points of interest


Allows automatic or manual registration of passengers through the use of RFID cards or barcode or QR.


It allows drivers to be associated manually or automatically using a chip or Dallas key for recognition. You will be able to save all the information relevant to the operation such as license, contact telephone number, blood type,  and create alerts on document expiration dates.

Link to third parties

It allows you to share the display of one or several vehicles with a third party for a certain period of time.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and Notifications (about each variable that the system monitors) can be scheduled through pop-up windows on the platform, emails or through the mobile App.

Fuel savings

Achieve savings of between 10% to 20% in fuel through optimal route planning, control of stop times, tank verification, idling times and analysis of driving behavior.

Greater security

With the preventive locking system or remote shutdown, the theft of the vehicle can be prevented and the authorities notified to achieve location and recovery. 

Reports and Indicators

The most important thing about our system is the information you can analyze. We have reports of:

- Productive Hours

- Driver rating ranking

- Entry and exit from Geo-zones

- Idle Times

- Events (battery disconnections, panic, speed)


Allows you to program personalized and automatic reports for managerial decision making.

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