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Our Equipment and Accessories


We have more of 12 years of local expertice and more than 20 years of international experience in the development of specialized technologies for Management and Monitoringfor the following sectors:

  • Freight transport

  • Cleaning and Solid Waste Collection Companies

  • School transportation

  • Public Lighting Sector

  • Construction Sector - Yellow Machinery

  • Maritime and Port Sector

  • Field Staff

  • Personal Vehicles

Our fundamental objective is aimed at ensuring that our clients have the tools and information necessary to guarantee greaterControl and Security and the implementation of the PESV (Strategic Road Safety Plan)when it's requested. And to achieve improvements in their productivity and more savings.

GPS equipment, Canbus & Accessories

We have more than 3,300 references and integrated basic GPS or GPS Canbus / OBDII units to send information in time and accessories .

  • Panic button

  • Relay for remote shutdown

  • Driver Identifier

  • Trailer Identifier

  • Fuel sensors

  • Thermometers

  • Door opening sensors


MDVRS &  Recording cameras or live streaming

​MDVR (Mobil Digital Video Recording) equipment  They allow us to see in real time and obtain recordings of what happens in the vehicle from your computer or smartphone, guaranteeing a greater scope in the safety, control and management of your fleet.

The main benefits are:

  • Control of personnel transportation not permitted.

  • Evidence of driving habits (use of cell phone in the vehicle, use of seat belts, respect for traffic lights and traffic signs, among others)

  • Recordings as evidence in case of traffic accidents or damage to vehicles. 

  • Equipment with AI - Artificial Intelligence with DSM and ADAS systems *

     - Fatigue                      - Vehicle proximity

     - No smoking                 - Pedestrian in front

     - No cell phone.                 - Lane Exit

     - Do not cover the camera.      - Abnormal driving

     - Micro sleep 

Dashcams with AI - Artificial Intelligence

Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 11.04.57 a. m._edited.jpg

Portable GPS and Eye beacon Sensors

Portable GPS are ideal for monitoring field operation personnel and third-party vehicles that need to be monitored. Fully compatible with all platform modules and applications.

There are several types of equipment such as:

  • Mini GPS with magnetic mounts

  • Watches and bracelets

  • Multi-sensor tags with memory for wireless registration of temperature, humidity, movement, luminosity, magnetism. Connection to the GPS unit via Bluetooth. Long battery life. (Ideal for control during the transport of: medicines, refrigerated foods, air cargo, transport of live animals).

  • Downloadmobile licenses for tablets and cell phones.


GPS Container Locks

​GPS Locks are ideal for monitoring cargo in ports and during its transfer to the destination. They record the following information:

  • Place, date and time of opening or closing of the padlock.

  • Lock opening method

  • Registration of the person/RFID card responsible for opening the padlock

  • Long battery life – Approx. 20 days in operation.

  • Generation of reports and alerts facilitate control of loading operation times

  • and discharge in the operation and those responsible.

  • Open duration records

  • Alerts associated with the operation

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